How to Fix the Fuse Box in Tell Me Why Chapter 2

Tell Me Why 3

Having trouble solving the fuse box puzzle in chapter two of Tell Me Why? Here’s how to solve it.

In chapter two of Tell Me Why, Tyler and Alyson are beginning to get settled into living in their old home. But they need some electricity first. Out in the barn is a fuse box, and restoring power means putting some fuses back in the right place.

As Alyson, you’ll be tasked with ensuring everything is wired up correctly. There’s a helpful note to give you a hint, but if you’re having trouble fixing the fuse box, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.


Essentially, you need to connect six fuses into the box. Each one has a value, and those values need to add up to 120.

They’re also colour-coded:

  • Blue has a value of 15
  • Yellow has a value of 20
  • Red has a value of 30

With that information, it should be easy to match up the colours to where they need to go. On the top row, you should have Red, Yellow, Yellow. On the bottom row, you should have Blue, Yellow, Blue.

And that’s it: the fuse box should be fixed, and you should be free to carry on your journey through Tell Me Why.