How to Get a Building Permit in Port Royale 4

Building businesses in various towns in Port Royale 4 is an important part of succeeding. But before you do, you need a building permit.

But how do you go about getting a building permit in Port Royale 4? Thankfully, it’s pretty easy to acquire.

You can get a building permit for just about any town in Port Royale 4, providing you’ve built up enough of a fame level with that town. Your fame will automatically increase the more you buy or sell in that town. So if you want to build some businesses in a town, spend a bit of time selling items that it needs, and buying the commodities it produces.


You can check on your current fame level by clicking on a town and opening the town dialogue box. When your fame level is high enough to buy a building permit, you’ll see a message in the bottom-right corner of the window indicating that you can.

To purchase a building permit, press Y (triangle on PS4). It’ll cost you $25,000 for each town though, so ensure you have enough money.

You can build in your own town, or any town you’re an administrator of, without the need for a permit.