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How to Get a Claim on a County in Crusader Kings III

Wondering how to get a claim on a county in Crusader Kings III? Here’s everything you need to know.

One sure-fire way to boost your legacy and power in Crusader Kings III is to gain more territory, but do so you will need a claim. Essentially, it’s a legal way to justify your war for the expanse you are attempting to seize.

Your claims come under the name ‘casus belli’ and are many fold. Unless your religion is pacifist, you are able to attack any neighbouring ruler with a different religion for a minor piety cost. Essentially, you don’t have to deal with justifying against heathens.

If you are unlucky enough to be surrounded by those who fear the same god as you, then you will have to try different means. Many characters, maybe including your own, will have claims for various realms and counties due to their birthright. You can decide to invite these claimants to your realm, vassalise them with some minor territory and then press their claim.

If that claim is at least a rank below yours then they will still be a vassal to you even with their new territory. Inviting claimants in Crusader Kings III is easy: you can search characters by their claims or use the invite claimants decision.

If you don’t have the titles to spare or if you just aren’t in the mood to fight other people’s wars, then the easiest way to gain a claim in Crusader Kings III is through your religious advisor on your council. They will be able to take the action to press a claim on a territory.

Unlike Crusader Kings II this doesn’t take forever, and actually has a tick down clock. It will cost you gold and relations, when your court advisor has finished his task, in order to grant yourself that claim. But with that you are free to declare war as you please.

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