How to Get to the Lighthouse in Drake Hollow

If you’re playing Drake Hollow, one of your first missions is to visit the lighthouse. Here’s how to get there.

Getting from A to B sounds like a fairly straightforward task, right? Not quite in Drake Hollow, the new survival adventure game from The Molasses Flood. You see, between you and the lighthouse is aether; it looks like a sea of water, but it’s dangerous to you. Spend more than a few seconds in it, and you’ll die. You can’t make it to the lighthouse in time.

So how do you pass through the aether safely inĀ Drake Hollow? Thankfully, you can craft an item called ‘Aether Ward’. This grants you temporary immunity to the aether, allowing you to reach the lighthouse safely.


To craft Aether Ward, use your workbench (or press ‘Y’ on your controller to access the crafting menu). If you don’t have the correct resources, you should find these very easily on your starting island.

Once you’ve made an Aether Ward, press left on your d-pad to change your active item. Cycle through then until you get to the Aether Ward. Hold down RB to use it.

This puts a protective bubble around you for 15 seconds – it’s just enough time to reach the lighthouse without getting hurt by the Aether. Remember though, you’ll need another one to get back!