How to Perform a Boost Start in Hotshot Racing

Hotshot Racing

Being a racing game, you’re going to want to get off to the best start in every event you compete in in Hotshot Racing.

One way to get off to a great start in any race in Hotshot Racing is to perform a boost start. Start a race with a boost start and you’ll quickly accelerate off the starting line, catapulting yourself ahead of most of the competition, and giving you a fighting chance of quickly getting ahead of those up front. It’s particularly useful when playing on hard or expert difficulties.

To perform a boost start in Hotshot Racing, you need to keep your revs in the yellow area as the timer counts down at the start of an event. Simply get your revs in the yellow then carefully feather the accelerator to keep them there. If you’re in the yellow when the announcer says go!, you’ll speed off the line and the screen will go a bit blurry. More importantly, you’ll gain quite a lot of positions.