How to Save Your Game in Paradise Killer

Paradise Killer review

Playing the surreal but brilliant murder mystery game Paradise Killer? You’ll want to save your progress regularly. Here’s what you need to know.

Unlike the vast majority of modern games, Paradise Killer doesn’t have an autosave system. That means, if you fail to save your game, you’ll lose any progress since your last save. Not ideal! Thankfully, saving your progress is easy, and save points are abundant throughout the game.

Manual save points in Paradise Killer look like public payphones. You’re never very far away from one; there are plenty dotted around the island.


To save your game, simply interact with one of these payphones. From there, you’ll have the option to save, or create a fast travel point. Choose save, then choose a save slot to save over.

That’s it: if you quit the game, you’ll start back from that save point. It’s wise to save every time you pass a payphone save point, just in case. And always remember to visit a payphone before turning your game off for the day.