How to Set Up Trade Routes in Port Royale 4

Port Royale 4 review

Want to automate trade routes in Port Royale 4 to save you some time? Here’s how to do it.

Trade routes in Port Royale 4 allow you to automate your convoy’s buying and selling, and can save you precious time that’s better spent elsewhere. You can tell your ships what towns to go to, what produce to buy and what price to buy and sell for, all with navigating a few menus.

First, select the convoy you want to set up a trade route for by clicking on it. Press your right trigger to bring up the action menu, then select ‘trade routes’. This will bring up the trade route dialogue box.


Select ‘create new route’, then ‘edit route’.

Here, you can select the towns you want on your trade route. Click on each town in the order that you’d like your convoy to visit. Pay attention to wind direction, which is marked on the map with arrows, and stormy areas, marked on the map with darker areas. To avoid certain areas, you can add waypoints in the ocean; click on your route line to add a new waypoint, then click and drag to a new position.

Once you’ve selected all the towns you’d like your convoy to visit on their trade route, you can reorder them by using the d-pad in the window to your left. If you’re happy with the order, select a town and press X (square on PS4) to open its trading menu and select the produce you’d like to buy or sell. You can let the game decide what’s best, or you can fine-tune your own choices. You can set your own minimum price, or leave it to be automatic. You’ll need to do this for each town.

Once that’s done, press B (circle on PS4) to back out of that menu. Select ‘assign route’, which will set your current convoy on that route.

Once a route has been created, you can edit it at any time by revisiting the trade route option in the action menu. You can have also set multiple convoys on the same trade route, or set up multiple trade routes for your different convoys.