How to Slide in Trollhunters: Defenders of Arcadia

To get through small gaps in Trollhunters: Defenders of Arcadia, you need to slide. But how do you do it?

Sliding in Trollhunters: Defenders of Arcadia is very easy, but the game never tells you how to do it. The first time you reach a small gap to get through, you’re told to slide – but you’re not told how to. Huh.

Thankfully, it’s simple to do. To slide, all you need to do is push your analogue stick down and press the ‘jump’ button (A on Xbox/X on PS4). Jim Jr will then slide across the floor, allowing him to squeeze through tight gaps.


You can slide whenever you want – it’s a fun way to get around, though sadly you can’t slide through enemies to defeat them. You’ll need to use it fairly regularly in levels, usually to get to hidden areas to pick up collectibles. You’ll occasionally need to slide in order to reach the end of a level, too.

That’s all there is to it: down on the left analogue stick and the jump button. Have fun sliding around in Trollhunteres: Defenders of Arcadia.