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How to Solve the Puzzles in the Barn Attic in Tell Me Why Chapter Three

The last puzzle you’ll face in Tell Me Why chapter three is made up of multiple different puzzles.

As Aly and Tyler, you’ll find your way into a hidden hatch inside the barn. Here is their mother’s last, biggest secret – and all that stands between the twins and the answer they’ve been looking for is a number of puzzles.

Around the room is a number of murals on the wall. Each one can be interacted with, revealing a part of the puzzle. Figuring them all out will reveal the combination to a locked box. You can brute force your way into the box if you’d like – but more fun is to be had in solving the puzzles.

As always inĀ Tell Me Why, the solutions to many of the puzzles are to be found in the beautiful Book of Goblins. There are three main puzzles to solve, and three additional puzzles. You don’t have to solve those, but we have the solutions to them just in case you do.

Puzzle 1: “Once upon a time there was a young princess who felt hopeless”

The first mural you’ll need to solve is on the left wall as you enter the attic. Called “Once upon a time there was a young princess who felt hopeless”, it’s a picture of the Mad Hunter in the forest. Essentially, it’s an image replicated from the Book of Goblins (the story called ‘The Goblins Trick the Mad Hunter’), and you need to spot the differences between the two. Click on the four differences to solve the puzzle.

The four differences are:

  • The castle
  • The tree
  • Hand
  • A girl behind the tree

Puzzle 2: “Cruel parents kept her locked away in their musty palace”

For the second puzzle, you’ll need the clues from the last locker. If you read through the notes and look at the pictures you uncovered after solving the first puzzle, you’ll have everything you need to solve this one. From the top, the images you need to select are:

  • second picture (bird)
  • first picture: (ballerina)
  • fourth picture
  • third picture (artist)

Puzzle 3: “One day she took her tiara and ran away to the forest”

The final puzzle to open the box has you drawing a path that lays out Mary Ann’s path through life. The order you need to select is:

  • Castle
  • Flowers
  • Clock
  • House
  • Picnic

After solving all three of the puzzles, you now have three letters, which spell out the combination for the locked box. That combination is LEO.

Additional puzzles

There are four more puzzles to solve if you want, each providing extra information about Mary Ann. The solutions for those are below:

“The old bears gifts for the princess”

You need to find the gifts mentioned in the story: a fresh-caught salmon, ripe berries and bloomed bluebell. Click the lilypad in the lake to find the salmon, the berries are on the left-hand side of the screen int he middle, and the bluebell is in the bottom left.

“Very old beaver’s repair list”

Again, you’ll find the answer in the Book of Goblins story. Click the items of the house that need repairing: post, roof tiles and wall plank.

“Crafty Goblins’ good deeds”

Click the character that the Crafty Goblins helped in the relevant story: Moose, Bear, Princess.

“Crafty Goblins’ loot”

Click the items that the Crafty Goblins stole in the story: Eggs, Spoon, Fruit.

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