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How to Unlock Research in Crusader Kings III

Research takes on a bigger role in Crusader Kings III, and it can be a bit overwhelming at first.

In Crusader Kings III, research is rooted in your culture. Each culture discovers technologies at different times, representing its implementation amongst its leaders and people.

You can view what research your culture has unlocked in Crusader Kings III in the tab accessible in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.

Here you will see what technologies your culture has unlocked and its progress for other innovations. If you are the head of your culture, essentially the most powerful ruler among your rulers, you will be able to set your culture’s ‘fascination’. This gives you an increase in the speed of discovery of that chosen innovation.

As in Crusader Kings II, research will be quicker if you have a cultural head that has high learning. This can also be improved by following the ‘Scholar’ lifestyle perk tree in the learning lifestyle perks.

Only a certain number of innovations are available to you depending on your culture’s scientific age. Once you have researched the majority of innovations during one age, your culture will ‘age up’. At that point, you’ll be able to research tech from the next age and receive a boost to the time left researching older techs.

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