How to Unlock the Box from the Barn in Tell Me Why Chapter 2

Tell Me Why 1 (1)

In chapter two of Tell Me Why, twins Alyson and Tyler uncover a locked box of their mom’s hidden in the barn. Here’s how to open it.

Tell Me Why has plenty of puzzles for players to solve, and many of those puzzles revolve around the gorgeous Book of Goblins. Opening the hidden box in the barn is no different; the solution is hidden in the Book of Goblins, if you know where to look.

The box that the twins find contains some information that could help them better understand their mom. And it looks like someone didn’t want them to find it, by trying to destroy it. Thankfully, they didn’t succeed.


To open the box, you’ll need a three-digit combination code. If you listen to what Tyler and Alyson say, they’ll give you some clues about what story to look for in the Book of Goblins. Open the book up by pressing the menu button. Tab through the stories until you reach ‘The Goblins Earn Their Voice’; the symbol of the story matches the symbol on the box.

If you look at the illustrations for that story, you’ll see three numbers hidden in it – one on each page. Those numbers are 1, 3 and 0.

The combination for the box in the barn in Tell Me Why is 130. Input it, and the twins will be able to see what’s inside.