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How to Use a Hearthstone in World of Warcraft

Just starting out in World of Warcraft and wondering how hearthstones work? We’ve got you covered.

Traveling in World of Warcraft can be a bit of drag if you’re starting out at level one. You move pretty slow until you get your first mount and certain quest-lines can make you go back and froth across a large area multiple times.

This is where a hearthstone can come in handy.

Hearthstones are items that you are equipped with from the very start of the game. They’re nifty little stones that have a blue swirl in the middle. When you right click on the stone it will bring you back to the tavern that you’ve designated as your “home.”

Any time you go to a new town you’ll find an Innkeeper. Each Innkeeper has the ability to make their inn your new home so you can hearthstone to it when you need to. In order to do that, speak to any innkeeper and choose the option “Make this Inn Your Home.” Then, if you’ve traveled far away from the inn and wish to teleport back to it, simply right click on the stone in your inventory to use it.

Unfortunately, you can only use your hearthstone every thirty minutes so don’t go using it all willy nilly.

And it’s as simple as that. Talk to any innkeeper, have your hearthstone linked to that inn and right click on the stone when you wish to return.

Hope this helps!

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