Materia Collective Releases FLAMESGRACE: A Tribute to Octopath Traveler

flamesgrace octopath traveler

Turn it up to eleven!

Materia Collective yesterday announced the release of FLAMESGRACE: A Tribute to Octopath Traveler.

FLAMESGRACE is a 45-track album that takes the atmosphere and feel of Octopath Traveler and puts it into an album. Fans of the game, and even newcomers, will find something to appreciate about the beautifully arranged video game-inspired album.


Covered in the album are specific moments from Octopath Traveler, like the game’s battle theme with DS Music’s “Decisive Sonatina No. 2 for piano.” More featured artists include The Game Brass, Purpleschala and String player Gamer.

The composers and musicians involved in producing FLAMESGRACE have worked together to try and make an album worthy of the members of the Octopath Traveler community.

If you want to listen, it’s available on Bandcamp, Spotify, iTunes, Tidal and Deezer.