New Studio Hexworks Opens, with Lords of the Fallen 2 as its Debut Title

Lords of the Fallen

A new team have come together and started work on a new title.

This week, CI Games has announced the opening of a brand new studio, Hexworks. Based in Barcelona and Bucharest, the team began work in March, with their first game – Lords of the Fallen 2. The team includes those that have experience with AAA titles, but they do want to focus on embracing more indie elements.

Fans of Dark Souls will be pleased to hear that Lords of the Fallen 2 should feel loyal to what the Soulsborne and Soul-like communities love. It is taking a huge shift into dark fantasy and will represent just what Hexworks is capable of. The title will focus on intense combat with mature fantasy at the forefront of the story.


The game has been in development for around six months now, and the team seems to be having a great time working on it. Hexworks Creative Director Cezar Virtosu recently spoke about the team as well as the game and mentioned that he hopes the project will be what fans are wanting. They also intend to use as much fan feedback as they can to really make Lords of the Fallen 2 the best it can be.

Not much else has been released about the title just yet, but keep an eye out as the team continues development.