Paper Beast: Folded Edition is Coming to PC Next Month, No VR Needed

Players will soon get a chance to play this VR experience without a VR headset.

Pixel Reef studio has just announced that its VR title Paper Beast is coming to PC on October 20th in a “Folded Edition.”

In the game players take on the role of an explorer in a strange land just begging to be uncovered. As you explore you’ll make friends and bond with the mysterious but fascinating creatures all around the world. You’ll have to solve puzzles and push through difficult obstacles to help the creatures in different ways.

With every new world, there are enemies and dangers around every corner. Players will also have to help their new creature friends. You’ll be tasked with protecting them from natural dangers as well as dangerous predators.

Paper Beat: Folded Edition includes all of the updates in the VR version of the game. It also has brand new controls for mouse and keyboard as well as controllers. This will make it so the game doesn’t feel like a VR title moved to PC, but simply a gorgeous PC title.

The Folded Edition also includes a sandbox mode so players can explore anywhere they want without the challenges of the main story.

Paper Beast: Folded Edition will be available for $16.99 on October 20th. The current Steam VR version of the game will also be sold in a bundle with the Folded Edition for $19.99.

Check out the trailer below.