Platformer Journey of the Broken Circle is Releasing September 18th

Even a little circle can have an existential crisis.

Developer Lovable Hat Cults has just revealed a release date for their whimsical platformer Journey of the Broken Circle.

The game tells the harrowing tale of an incomplete circle who wants nothing more than to become a whole circle. Players will control the circle as he rolls around a beautiful but dangerous land. You’ll meet other shapes with their own personalities and stories to tell. These shapes then give the game’s main character a new ability to help him get through new obstacles.

Some abilities allow the circle to float or cling to surfaces. But you won’t be holding onto these abilities for a long time so you’ll have stay quick on your toes mastering all of the different abilities the circle will learn.

While the main character is a circle without any human features, the team behind the game wanted Journey of the Broken Circle to be a very human story. Players will discover just how human this circle is as they play through his exciting and sometimes heartbreaking story.

Journey of the Broken Circle is set to release for PC, Nintendo Switch and iOS on September 18th.

Watch the trailer for the game below.