Players Can Vote on a New World of Warcraft Mount

From trees to books to spiders, World of Warcraft players have got themselves a tough decision to make.

Blizzard Entertainment have released a poll where players can vote for the new mount they’d like to see appear in World of Warcraft. The winning mount will become available in Q1 of 2021 for any player who has the Shadowlands expansion activated on their account.

While there aren’t any pictures to base your vote on, there is a brief description of each of the five possible mounts. You can read the full descriptions of each mount here, but the five choices are:


  • Wandering Ancient – it seems like this mount is a large tree where the player will hold onto its branches
  • Soaring Spelltome – a big flying book mount
  • Nerubian Swarmer – a gross giant spider
  • Curious Caterpillar – a Pandaren crop-eating bug
  • Gooey Slimesber – a sticky, icky saber cat covered in ooze

The poll will be open for two weeks, closing September 18th at 22:00 CEST.

Head on over to this page to vote in the poll!