See DIRT 5 in Action on Xbox Series S

Itching to see what games look like running on next-generation consoles? Codemasters have given us a taste.

Yesterday, the racing game developer released a short video showing the upcoming DIRT 5 running on Xbox Series S. It shows a rock bouncer vehicle making its way around a rough and rocky Path Finder event in Italy. Maxed out at 1440p, it looks rather impressive – and we’re excited to see more.

Xbox Series S is Microsoft’s cheaper entry point into next generation gaming. It allows players to experience next generation games, but running at a lower resolution. While the more expensive Xbox Series X targets 4K resolution, the Xbox Series S targets 1440p, but has the power to upscale games to display at 4K.


It’s all rather technical, but the bottom line is the Xbox Series S is a next-generation console that costs £250/$300. In comparison, bigger brother console Xbox Series X costs £450/$500.

The DIRT 5 footage, which you can see in the video below, looks rather nice. It’s difficult to ascertain the quality of textures, as YouTube videos tend to lose a bit of quality, but it’s buttery smooth. Compare this to the demo footage of the game we captured on PC at 4K max settings, and it’s pretty impressive.

If you’re a racing or rally fan, looks like DIRT 5 is set to be fun, no matter what format you play on. If you want to find out more about the game, give our preview a read by clicking here. It’ll be available to buy from 6th November.

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