The Uncertain: Light at the End Launches This October

Walk among the machines in The Uncertain: Light at the End.

New Game Order and META publishing recently announced that their upcoming dystopian sci-fi adventure The Uncertain: Light at the End is headed to PC on 8th October. A PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch release will follow in 2021.

The game takes place in a world where humanity has been completely replaced by machines. You play as Emily who is trying to survive as an outcast, alone and afraid, in this dangerous world. As she travels around she is pursued by the machines that once served the humans.


When players jump into The Uncertain: Light at the End they’ll find a world gone quiet. A city that is empty, but still leaves hints of what it was like before the disaster. Emily feels unsafe and alone in this world, but on her journey she’ll discover more about herself and more about the disaster.

You can play The Uncertain: Light at the End demo today as well as watch the developer livestream in the Digital Dragons Indie Showcase which runs from September 15 to September 19th.

Check out the trailer for the game below.