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Turn-Based RPG Black Legend Has Been Announced

Black Legend

Avoid a fog that causes madness to those who touch it in Black Legend.

Warcave has recently revealed its new title, Black Legend, and it’s headed to PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X and Nintendo Switch next year.

A turn-based RPG, this title has players leading a group of mercenaries on a mission into the city of Grant. Grant has an intriguing and dynamic story that players will uncover as they walk through the atmospheric streets. A dark fog threatens to close in on the group and anyone who touches it suffers from madness.

Players will have to use strategy-focused gameplay to defeat enemies. You have to decide where your units should be placed and which abilities to use. Put together combos to do huge bouts of damage to your enemies.

Being able to choose your difficulty at the very beginning of the game means that players of all skill levels will be encouraged to pick up the game.

Black Legend will feature historic enemies players might recognise from folklore. Creatures such as nekkers, Halewijn, Witte Wieven and Old Red Eyes will look as though they jumped right out of an old book.

If you’re looking for a turn-based strategy game keep, Black Legend at the top of your list next year. We’ll have more on the game in the coming months, but for now, watch the trailer below.

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