Two Monster Hunter Games are Headed to Nintendo Switch in 2021

monster hunter switch

The Monster Hunter universe continues to grow with these massive announcements.

Two new Monster Hunter titles are coming to Nintendo Switch: Monster Hunter Rise and Monster Hunter Stories 2.

Monster Hunter Rise gives players an inventive set of new tools to track and take down monsters. You can jump into this adventure on your own or bring up to three friends along. This title is an action RPG that sends players into the colourful Kamura Village. Put on your armour, select a weapon and make your way to the hunting ground to take down powerful enemies.


Monster Hunter Rise will feel the most similar to previous Monster Hunter entries, but adds new mechanics to keep the game interesting for new hunters as well as seasoned pros. This title will also introduce Magnamalo, a new flagship monster. But that isn’t the only new monster that players will come across; the shape-shifting Aknosom and the amphibious Tetranadon, along with others, will also make an appearance.

The second new game to be announced is Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin. This title will put players into the shoes of a new Monster Rider as they venture to scenic locations and take on quests to become friends with certain monsters.

While Monster Hunter Stories 2 doesn’t have some of the epic fighting that are synonymous with the series, it does give players a chance to form strong bonds with the universe’s creatures. You’ll gain experience as you improve your skills at monster taming.

Both physical and digital versions of Monster Hunter Rise are available for pre-order now. The game also has a special Digital Deluxe Edition and a physical Collector’s Edition. The Digital Deluxe version includes the standard game as well as a DLC pack voucher which players can use to redeem in-game content. The Collector’s Edition will contain everything from the Deluxe Edition plus a monster icon sticker pack, Kamura mark enamel pin, and a Magnamalo amiibo. It’s scheduled to release on 26th March 2021.

Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin is releasing at some point during summer 2021. Pre-order information will be available at a later time.

To find out more information about both games, watch the Monster Hunter Direct presentation below.