What are Patterns in Marvel’s Avengers, and How to Use Them

Marvel's Avengers 1 (1)

You’ll come across patterns in Marvel’s Avengers, usually as rewards for completing missions. But what are they, and what do you do with them?

Patterns in Marvel’s Avengers are more or less what they sound like; they’re patterns for new outfits for your characters. When you find a pattern, you’ll likely not know what it’s for. In order to decipher it, you need to visit the Fabrication Machine aboard the Chimera Helicarrier.

You’ll find the Fabrication Machine in the Technology Lab. Getting there is easy; the door is just below the War Table and to the left. You’ll find the Fabrication Machine directly in front of you as you walk through the door.


Hold ‘X’ (or square on PS4) to interact with the Fabrication Machine. If you’ve got any patterns, you’ll see them listed on the left. Select one, and the machine will analyse it, revealing what cosmetic item you’ve uncovered.

Once you’ve deciphered your patterns in the Fabrication Machine, press the menu button to bring up the game’s main menu. Use your shoulder buttons to toggle to the ‘Cosmetics’ tab. There, you’ll see what outfits have been unlocked for your main character. Select the one you want, and press ‘A’ to equip.