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Wreckfest Season 2 is Now Available for All Players

wreckfest season 2

Buckle up gamers: Wreckfest Season 2 is now available.

THQ Nordic and Bugbear Entertainment have released the second season for their fast-paced racing game Wreckfest.

This new season gives players more free tracks to race on, plus brand new challenges, rewards and DLC car packs. All of the DLC car packs come with the Season Pass 2 and includes 12 cars in total for the digital price of $12.99.

This September, Wreckfest also has a tournament update. In a downtown city with huge skyscrapers and streets to race around on, players will have a chance to win the Rocket RX.

The update also includes some much-needed system fixes including:

  • Dynamic objects no longer throw the car off-path
  • AI now uses Firefly also in Class A
  • Visual parts such as spoilers no longer detach from a slight nudge
  • Improved Big Rig handling

To see a full list of updates and patch notes, head to the official website.

For those that want to pick up Wreckfest Complete Edition, which replaces the previous Deluxe Edition they can do so on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 or Steam for $49.99.

Check out the trailer for Wreckfest Season 2 below.

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