Xbox Promises More Series X and S Consoles Will Be Available at Launch

Xbox Series X

Yesterday saw pre-orders for Microsoft’s next-generation consoles go live at retailers across the globe.

The Xbox Series X and Series S sold out very quickly, and while many shoppers managed to bag one, it seems some were left disappointed. But a tweet from the official Xbox account last night assures us that more consoles will be available to purchase on launch day, 10th November.


Xbox also suggests to “sign up with retailers for updates”, which suggests more consoles may become available to pre-order sooner than November.

Either way, it’s good news for those of us who didn’t manage to secure a pre-order. It sounds like come 10th November, when the consoles are out in the wild, stores will have available stock on the shelves.

Xbox Series X is Microsoft’s flagship next-generation console, packing in eye-watering power and capability to play games at 120FPS and 4K resolution. The Xbox Series S is its younger sibling, so to speak, packing in still-powerful specs and the capability to play all the same games, but at 1440P resolution.

Xbox Series X retails for £449/$499, and Xbox Series S is £249/$299. Both consoles will be available on 10th November.

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