You Can Now Sign Up for The Falconeer Beta

the falconeer

Try your hand at dominating the sky, the land and the sea in The Falconeer.

Wired Productions and Tomas Sala’s upcoming title, The Falconeer, has just opened sign-ups for its beta version. The beta will launch in October, with the full release of the game following in November.

The Falconeer is an open-world air combat game where you play as a warrior atop a majestic and powerful Warbird. As you venture through the world using classic dog-fighting mechanics, you’ll choose which of the different factions or clans to join. Your Warbird has a host of unique abilities that you can utilise. Combine that with the player’s wide range of control and you’ve got yourself a fast-paced, brutal combat game.

But it isn’t just about combat. The game also has an engaging story where the players will learn about the protagonists life and origin. You’ll also get to see how the main character connects with their Warbird making them an unstoppable team.

To sign up for the beta and try the game out for yourself, head over to The Falconeer‘s Discord channel.

The Falconeer is coming to Xbox One, PC and Xbox Series X as a day one launch title.

Check out the trailer below.