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Amnesia: Rebirth – How to Make Gunpowder

Amnesia Rebirth 3 (1)

To leave the fort in Amnesia: Rebirth you need to make your way through a giant door which is unfortunately blocked. Luckily for you, there’s a tank you can use to blast it open.

Only, when you get inside the tank, you realise that it’s out of ammunition. To blast the door open and continue your journey in Amnesia: Rebirth, you’re going to need to get another shell. Well, actually you’re going to have to make one, because there are none just laying around.

When in the tank, look around it. there should be a little hatch somewhere you can open revealing a key. Take the key, and you’ll find that it opens the door to the arsenal, which is just down the steps behind the tank. Go into the arsenal and you’ll find a shell casing waiting for you to make use of it – you just need to make some gunpowder. Luckily for you, there are some instruction to do so just at the side of the casing.

You’ll find a piece of charcoal in the room just beyond the shell casing. And at the side of it is a mill. Place the charcoal in the mill and rotate the handle to turn it into powder. To get sulphur, you need to go to the room at the far end of the arsenal. You’ll find a booby-trapped door in there, but you can get around it by closing all of the window blinds except for the ones one the left, then climb out of that windows and use the walkway around. With a simple jump you’ll have access to the blocked-off room, and inside you’ll find sulphur in the cabinet. To get back out of the room, pull the pin from the grenade on the corpse, then quickly run away to safety. You then need to return to the room where you milled the charcoal, and use the sulphur on the pot. Once boiled, you’ll get powdered sulphur.

With charcoal and sulphur now in your inventory, now all you need is saltpeter. To get that, you need to go back to the Quartermasters quarters. Remember running away from a freaky creature after making your way to the radio? Go back to the door you exited from, re-enter, then make your way to the Quartermaster’s room to find the saltpeter just sitting on a shelf.

With all the ingredients in your inventory, you finally have all you need to make gunpowder and carry on your Amnesia: Rebirth adventure. Simply go into your inventory and combine the charcoal, sulphur and saltpeter, then return to the arsenal and place the mixture in the shell casing. You can then go back to the tank, load the shell, and blast that door wide open.

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