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Apocalyptic RPG Dysmantle Launches Into Steam Early Access November 6th

A game that encourages you to ruin everything? Yes, please.

Developer and publisher 10tons has just revealed that its open-world RPG title Dysmantle is headed into Early Access on Steam on November 6th.

Most apocalyptic games make players try to survive. Scavenge, collect, fight zombies. You know, regular apocalypse stuff. Dysmantle, on the other hand, expects you to screw everything up.

In the game, you’ve just emerged from your underground shelter after the apocalypse has begun. You’ll still need to survive and explore and craft things to help you along the way, but you’ll also be breaking a lot of stuff. On purpose, though! In fact, you can break over 99% of all of the objects in the game for materials.

The Early Access version of Dysmantle will include around a third of the proposed final open world game area. There will also be an experience level cap to prevent players from levelling up after they reach Level 20. It’s expected to remain in Early Access for three to six months, at which point it’ll also release on consoles.

If Dysmantle sounds like your sort of thing, head over to its Steam page for more information and to add it to your wishlist.

And you can watch the trailer for the game below.

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