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The Best Built-in Browser Games: Play For Free Right in Your Browser

The best built-in browser games

There are so many great game consoles these days that playing something in your browser might seem rather old-fashioned.

But it’s still something you can do: most browsers have a game built right into them. Some built-in browser games only appear when there’s no internet connection as a way of killing time while waiting for our favourite websites, videos, or actual games to return.

But other games have been designed as more of a feature to draw in users. Take Vivaldia, a game available in the Vivaldi browser, for example. It’s an actual, fully-fleshed out arcade game playable within the browser.

We have tried Vivaldia, together with all other browser games we could find. Here is a breakdown the best built-in browser games you can play.

Vivaldia on Vivaldi

built-in browser games Vivaldia

Inspired by Cyberpunk genres, Vivaldia is an 80s style arcade game available both online and offline. You can play it anywhere that you can install the Vivaldi browser: Windows, Mac, and Linux computers as well as on Android devices, Chromebooks, and tablets.

Vivaldia was developed by the game studio Porcelain Fortress, who share a workspace with the Vivaldi team in Iceland.

The game is set in a world where humans and robots clash for survival. The hero of the game, named Vivaldia, needs to fight to overcome evil and claim her city back.

The game hints at how most browsers today collect users’ data, and underline the necessity of using a privacy-focused browser. Which is, unsurprisingly, exactly what Vivaldi aims to be.

Vivaldia is only the last addition to Vivaldi, whose team has integrated into its browser a series of gaming features such as Razer Chroma and Philips Hue compatibility, as well as mouse gestures.

The Dinosaur Game on Google Chrome

Arguably the best-known browser game, The Dinosaur Game is Google Chrome’s way of  keeping you entertained when you’ve got no internet connection. It’s also one of the best built-in browser games, despite its simplicity.

The game is essentially an endless runner featuring a dinosaur running throughout an arid and treacherous desert. Dino will have to avoid cactus plants, birds and other obstacles in a constantly evolving scenario that will alternate day and night cycles.

The game is typically displayed alongside an “ERR_INTERNET_DISCONNECTED” message; it was originally designed only to be played when your internet connection is lost. You can access it directly, however, by typing “chrome://dino” into Chrome’s address bar.

If you’re keen on setting yourself a high score in The Dinosaur Game, make sure you navigate directly to it. If you play when you don’t have an internet connection, the page will refresh automatically when the connection is restored – and you’ll lose all progress!

Let’s Surf on Microsoft Edge Chromium

built-in browser games Let's Surf

Vivaldi may hold the crown of the current, best browser game, but Microsoft was there first.

Let’s Surf is a game playable on the latest version of Microsoft’s Edge browser. It reproduces the game mechanics of the SkiFree game, but instead of skiing down a mountain, you’re surfing.

Avoid rocks, boats, and piers as you speed up on the waves and ramps to achieve your best score yet.

Despite being a built-in browser game, Let’s Surf is well-made. It’s fun to play, and it looks great, too; its bold colour palette really stands out. It even features different modes, which you can access from the menu button in the upper-right corner of the game’s title screen.

Let’s Surf can be accessed by visiting “edge://surf” in your Microsoft Edge browser.

Pong on Mozilla Firefox

Pong Firefox built-in browser games

We’ve all heard of Pong; it’s a legendary game. And the Mozilla team has integrated a version of it into its Firefox browser – but to play it, you’ll have to fidget around with the browser’s settings a little bit.

In order to play Pong, you need to open the browser menu, then click on “Customise”. In there, you’ll see a variety of icons at the bottom, allowing you to create your perfect workspace.

Click and drag all the items apart from ‘Flexible Space’ into the Overflow menu. You’ll then see a unicorn icon in the bottom right corner. Click it to start playing Pong in your browser.

Pong’s game mechanics are simple and likely familiar to most gamers, and Mozilla’s version is no different. Well, not quite; here, the “ball” in the game is actually a unicorn. Why? You’ll have to ask the Mozilla team.

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