2Genshin Impact

genshin impact

Only recently available on PS4, Genshin Impact has already taken the world by storm. It’s a huge RPG adventure, but one that’s been compared to Breath of the Wild in its gameplay and design. In it, you’ll take on the role of a traveller looking to reunite your lost sibling. Along your journey, you’ll explore the vast and beautiful world of Teyvat, fighting against its many foes, meeting plenty of friendly faces, and gaining new abilities as you go.

Genshin Impact‘s world is gorgeous, and there’s so much to see and do. It’s rare that a free-to-play game feels as engrossing as this, especially as a single-player adventure. You can, of course, play with friends if you’d rather – the game supports up to four player co-op, and even has cross-play for across PS4, PC, iOS and Android. If you enjoy getting lost in a deep and engaging adventure, Genshin Impact is without a doubt one of the best free games on PS4.

Download Genshin Impact from the PlayStation Store