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The Best Indie Horror Games

Scare yourself with these indie horror titles

Amnesia Rebirth 3 (1)

Turn off the lights and get really close to your screens for these games. 

Halloween is upon us, which means it’s the perfect time to dust off those spooky games you’ve been meaning to play. But we aren’t interested in just any old spook ‘em up, oh no. We want indie horror games. Diamonds in the rough. Games made by small teams. We don’t care, we just want to play them and scare our socks off. 

We’ve put together a list of 10 of the best indie horror titles, all of which are readily available to play on PC or consoles. These titles will scare you, spook you, send shivers down your spine and make you cry for mommy. Good luck, my friends. And Happy Halloween.

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Re:Turn – One Way Trip

Available on: PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch

Re:Turn – One Way Trip is a pixelated horror title about five friends on a camping trip in the woods. After a few members of the group get into an argument, one of them runs away into the darkened forest. That same night, one of the group has a terrifying dream and awakens to discover that not just one, but all of her friends are now gone. Alarm bells.

She then decides to take it upon herself to venture into the woods to try and find them. She uncovers a broken down train and from then on, the horrifying story really begins. Re:Turn – One Way Trip has everything that you could want from a indie horror game. Naive teens, a creepy little girl, a run-down train – and that’s not all. You’ve got a creepy soundtrack, a beautiful artstyle and a truly horrifying atmosphere. There’s a reason it’s made it onto our best indie horror games list, after all.

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Amnesia: Rebirth

Amnesia Rebirth 2 (1)

Available on: PS4, PC

The sequel to perhaps the greatest indie horror game of all time, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Amnesia: Rebirth is a very worthy follow-up. It tells the story of Tasi Trianon, a French archaeologist on an expedition in colonial Africa. Tasi’s plane crashes in Algeria, and she wakes up to find that all of her friends are gone. Amnesia: Rebirth takes on almost a science-fiction tone (making it a lot different from the other best indie horror titles on this list) when Tasi finds a Traveler’s Amulet which allows her to go through rifts and into a strange alien world. 

While Amnesia: Rebirth plays a bit differently from the first instalment, it still has an intense, heart-pounding atmosphere. You’re still unable to defend yourself against the terrible creatures, so you’ll spend much of your time hiding in the shadows. You’ve also got to keep track of your sanity to make sure your mind doesn’t descend too much into darkness. It’ll keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

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Available on: PS4, Switch, PC, Android

This horror title takes place in Taiwan in the 1960s. Based during the “White Terror” period, the game has some political references, but has mostly supernatural themes. Based entirely in a high school, Detention has a way of freaking out the player very early on. None of the protagonist’s friends or classmates are anywhere to be seen and the school is surrounded by a blood-red sea. What could be more terrifying than that?

What makes the game so incredibly unsettling, and thus earning its place on our best indie horror games list, is the way its atmosphere makes the player feel fully immersed. As you avoid horrifying ghosts and ghouls while solving puzzles and uncovering an eerie story, you won’t realise how sweaty your hands have become and how connected you’ve become with the main character. Detention is brilliantly scary – and if you don’t have nightmares after you’ve finished it, you got lucky. 

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Available on: PC, PS4, Xbox One

Soma is a first-person horror title based almost entirely in an underwater research facility. It gives off strong Bioshock vibes, but gets much more strange and dark. You play as Simon Jarett, who miraculously survives a car wreck but sustains a bad brain injury. Simon agrees to undergo a brain scan to try and help his situation – but wakes up on PATHOS-II, the aforementioned underwater facility. 

Soma falls pretty heavily into the science-fiction genre, but don’t let that fool you. There are enough horrific creatures and unsettling moments here to make it one of the best indie horror games we’ve played. Exploring PATHOS-II is absolutely terrifying – even with a computer named Catherine helping you along the way. The game’s ending is one that sticks with you long after you’ve turned off your console or PC.

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Stories Untold

Available on: PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch

Stories Untold is an awesome experimental kind of game that has players exploring four individual stories, presented as four VHS tapes. It’s a concept born from a game jam where one of the titles in the bundle, The House Abandon, was created over just two days. The House Abandon is a text adventure where players must type what they want their character to do, such as “open door” or “look around.” The amount of eerie atmosphere that can be crammed into mere words on a screen is very impressive.

But The House Abandon isn’t the only game included in Stories Untold. Each of the other three stories take place in completely different locations, with new mechanics, characters and more. But are they completely separate, or do they link together in some way? That’s for you to figure out while you play. Regardless, Stories Untold may never be truly scary, but it’s constantly unsettling and intriguing, and that’s enough to make it one of the best indie horror games out there. 

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The Forest

Available on: PS4, PC

The Forest is a multiplayer title that spent four years in beta before finally being released in 2018, to swathes of positive reviews. In the game, you play as a survivor of a plane crash looking for your son who has been kidnapped by members of the horrifying civilisation that lives on the island you crashed on. It’s a bit LOST meets Cannibal Holocaust. The game encourages players to rely on their wits to survive by having them build their own shelter and collect their own food. 

As you delve further into The Forest, you’ll discover that the people who live there aren’t normal. In fact, they often use human body parts and limbs to create strange shrines and even wearable armour. It’s definitely a slow-burn, meaning it takes a while to really get into the horror, but once you do there’s no turning it off. We think it’s one of the best indie horror games because of both its survival aspects and truly horrific moments.

The Coma

Available on: PC, Xbox One PS4, Switch

In this terrifying title you play as Youngho, a Korean high school student who suddenly becomes trapped in his high school and pursued by a psychotic killer. The Coma is an indie cult classic that was recently remastered into the “Recut” version. The halls of the high school are incredibly harsh and you’ll have to use maps, notes and tips from other characters you encounter on the way to help you escape.

You’ll also, of course, have to avoid the persistent killer with terrifying lashing tentacles. Health isn’t easy to find and you’ll likely die a lot, but that’s what makes the game so scary and one of the best indie horror games. Will you escape the never-ending pursuit of the terrifying creature hell-bent on killing you? Or will you die in your school, just another unclaimed body? The Coma: Recut’s unique art style, spooky characters, and thrilling story make it one of the best indie titles you can get right now.


A short, three hour experience, Inside is a thought-provoking and chilling title and definitely one of the best indie horror titles of all time. It’s a puzzle platformer where you play as a young boy completely alone. Soon, players discover that he’s being hunted. Inside is unsettling from the very start. The boy’s monochromatic world is dark, quiet and terrifying, and it truly feels like every moment could be your last. Sometimes, it will be.

What’s even more scary about the game is the boy’s ability to manipulate lifeless grey bodies. The entire situation you find yourself in – with strange bodies and other unnerving creatures – constantly has you on edge, making this one of the best indie horror games out there. With a secret ending to uncover, Inside is worth playing a couple of times to get the full experience. Just don’t blame us if it gives you nightmares.

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In Silence

Recently released into Early Access, In Silence is an indie horror title in the same vein as Dead by Daylight. Four players take on the role of survivors who are attempting to escape the clutches of Rake the killer. Whoever is playing as Rake has the goal of trying to kill the survivors before they can escape. The catch is that, while Rake has excellent hearing, he has terrible eyesight.. The survivors will have to try and be as quiet as possible to keep away from the killer and escape with their lives. 

What’s truly terrifying about In Silence, and what has qualified it for a spot on our best indie horror games list, is both the sound design and the concept. In Silence encourages players to be as quiet as possible. They have to whisper to each other and avoid running around the map, but there are things scattered around the world that will give Rake ideas about where the survivors are. Players might accidentally step on a cuddly toy which lets off a squeaky sound, for example, or open a drawer with a jack-in-a-box inside.

Trying to remain quiet is difficult enough, but when you do make noise you’ll be running in the other direction as quickly as you can. In Silence is a great horror game that your friends will love to play with you to see who can kill everyone the fastest.

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In Phasmophobia, a game that’s garnered recent popularity online, you and your friends are ghost hunters trying to gather evidence about paranormal activity in different locations. At the beginning of the game, players are able to purchase ghost hunting equipment such as radios or black light flashlights to help them along the way. During the “investigation” you’ll have to use your equipment to try and determine what kind of entity it is to earn pay for that job.

One of the best features in Phasmophobia is the ability to actually a microphone to speak with spirits. Your friends will be running around a house or school screaming, “SUSAN WILLIAMS ARE YOU HERE?” at the top of their lungs – and while it’s hilarious, it will also very likely cause the entity to appear which can be absolutely horrifying. Phasmophobia makes its way onto our best indie horror games list not only because it looks great, but because screaming at ghosts with your friends is incredibly fun… and watching them die at the hands of that ghost is even more so.

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