2Ben 10: Power Trip

Ben 10: Power Trip

The newest game on this list of best games for kids is also one of our favourites. Of course, it’s particularly great if your child loves Ben 10, but even for those who aren’t familiar with the cartoon it offers an excellent open world adventure. It’s fun, varied, and never overly challenging, making it perfect for children from the age of around five.

In Ben 10: Power Trip, players take on the role of Ben 10 and his gang of aliens. Six of them appear in the game, and once they’re unlocked, players can switch between them freely. Each one has their own abilities – like lightning-fast running, or rock-climbing – allowing players to access new parts of the world. There are plenty of story missions to work through, but the surprisingly big open world has lots of secrets and quests to discover, too. It’s an excellent kids game for all ages.

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