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1Best Point and Click Games on Xbox One

Exciting games that get the adrenaline pumping are all well and good. But sometimes, it’s nice to play something a little more… cerebral.

Admittedly, the point and click adventure genre isn’t quite what it once was, especially on console. Very rarely do titles on console actually require you to move a pointer around the screen, searching for items to inspect and interact with; instead you often have direct control of a character, enabling you to wander around lavishly created environments at your leisure, while others simply allow you to make dialogue choices.

Still, there’s no questioning that such games still possess the very spirit of the traditional point and click games of yesteryear.

On Xbox One there are plenty of point and click adventure games to play when you fancy something a little more slower-paced. Click on through to see what we consider to be the best point and click games on Xbox One.

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