Borderlands 3 is Getting a Second Season Pass

Hey there baby dolls! Ellie here, and I’ve got some news to share with you.

Starting November 10th, a Season Pass 2 for Borderlands 3 is on the way. This Season Pass adds a new Skill Tree for each of those tasty Vault Hunters. It also adds a new game mode called Arms Race.

Darlin’ I know you haven’t been logging in to beat up any of those psychos lately. They’ve been breaking my windows with those hatches of theirs. But I’ve got a feeling ya’ll be back when this new fancy console releases.

Season Pass 2 includes two new DLC add-ons – Designer’s Cut and Director’s Cut It also includes brand new ways to dress up all four of the Vault Hunters.

Maybe that means ya’ll will take off those creepy horse masks. Give me nightmares, they do. The first to release will be the Designer’s Cut, which adds new ways to play Borderlands 3 by introducing a new Skill Tree for each of the Vault Hunters.

You can buy Season Pass 2 on November 10th for PC, Stadia, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. The Designer’s Cut will launch that same day, but the Director’s Cut will be later in spring of next year.

Gives us time to get to know each other again, sugar.

To find out more about the Designer’s Cut, starting October 20th the Borderlands Creator Team will be hosting streams to show off to the game over on their YouTube Channel. Here’s the full schedule:

  • October 20, 5:00 PM BST – Amara and FL4K new Skill Tree reveals with Borderlands Creator Team livestreams
  • October 22, 5:00 PM BST – Moze and Zane new Skill Tree reveals with Borderlands Creator Team livestreams
  • October 29, 5:00 PM BST – A new episode of The Borderlands Show premieres, featuring the new Arms Race mode, developer interviews, and much more
  • October 30, 5:00 PM BST – The Bordercast streams the very first live play-through of Arms Race, with special guests

Look out for more information about the Season Pass 2 as it gets closer to release. And don’t forget to bring your sexy self over to my place when you jump back into the game.