The Adorable Bugsnax is Releasing on 12th November


Hunnabees and Shishkabugs aren’t the only creatures you’ll meet next month in Bugsnax.

Young Horses, creator of Octodad, has revealed the release date for its adorable adventure game Bugsnax. It’s headed to PS5, PS4 and PC on November 12th. That makes it a PS5 launch title.

In Bugsnax, you’ve been invited by the explorer Elizabert Megafig to the island of Snaktooth. When you arrive, your host is nowhere to be seen and her camp doesn’t look so good. All of her followers are scattered all across the island and they’re hungry, so you take it upon yourself to discover the mystery of the island. What’s happened to Lizbert and where did all the delicious Bugsnax – part bug, part snack – come from?

The game’s adorable art style and intriguing premise is made all the more appealing thanks to an all-star cast. The characters are voiced by a range of well-known talented actors, including Max Mittelman (One-Punch Man), Yuri Lowenthal (Marvel’s Spider-Man), Roger Craig Smith (Sonic the Hedgehog) and more.

More information about the voice cast is available on the PlayStation Blog.

To get a glimpse of the game and the cast in action, watch the trailer below. Bugsnax will be available on PS5, PS4 and PC on 12th November, and pre-orders are now open on the Epic Game Store with a 15% discount.