Can You Have the Same Tasks in Among Us?

Among Us charges the crewmates with completing a range of tasks. Each crewmate will get their own set of tasks, but can multiple players be given the same task?

If you’re playing as a crewmate in Among Us, you’ve got a list of tasks to undertake. Aside from unmasking the impostor, who’ll try to murder the crewmates, the other way to win is by completing these tasks.

The impostor, on the other hand, has a list of fake tasks that they can pretend to do in order to act like a crewmate. So, you might reason, if you’ve been asked to complete a specific task, and you see someone else standing in the same place you were early, apparently doing that same task, they must be an impostor, right?


Unfortunately, no. It’s not that simple. The truth is that some tasks, short tasks in particular, can be given to two or more crewmates. ┬átries not to give out the same task multiple times, but it can and does happen.

So, seeing someone repeat a task you’ve completed might make them suspect in your eyes, but it’s also possible they’re entirely innocent. Before we knew tasks could be duplicated we did unmask an impostor who was repeating a task we’ve done but, looking back, it’s just lucky we weren’t the ones going out of the airlock.

A better approach to spotting the impostor is to watch them “complete” a task from a safe distance. If the green completion bar goes up, they may or may not have faked it because someone else could be completing their task elsewhere. If the bar doesn’t move at all, they’ve definitely faked it and are the impostor.

Happy hunting!