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Little Hope

Can You Replay Chapters in Little Hope?

With multiple endings to discover, you might want to jump back into The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope after completing it to see if you can change the outcome of the story.

With that in mind, you might be wondering if Little Hope has a chapter select or chapter replay feature, allowing you to jump into a certain part of the story in the hope of changing its outcome rather than having to start right back at the beginning again.

The good news is that you can indeed replay chapters in Little Hope thanks to a handy scene selection feature. Though there are a couple of caveats to doing so. One is that your progress playing alone and with friends appears to be independent. So, if you’ve only played through the game in Movie Night mode with friends, you can only replay scenes in that mode. If you want to play in single player, you’ll need to start again from scratch. You’ll have to play through the game alone and with friends if you want all of the game’s scenes accessible in both modes.

The second is that you can’t play through scenes in isolation. When you choose a scene to play from you’ll be given the option to override your current save or make a new one. If you choose to override your save, you won’t have access to all the scenes again until you finish your playthrough from the scene you’ve just selected. It’s better to make a new save when using scene selection, as then you can load your original save to gain access to all the chapters again.

Overall there are 20 scenes in Little Hope, the names of which you can view below.

  • Diversion
  • Family
  • Darkest Dreaming
  • Reunion
  • No Escape
  • Vince
  • Playing Tricks
  • Confrontation
  • Off Track
  • Another Way
  • The Crossing
  • Lost
  • Troubled History
  • Pursued
  • Surrounded
  • Low Point
  • Reflections
  • Ruined
  • Heavy Burden
  • Full Circle

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