Can You Trade Items in Torchlight 3?

Torchlight III SteamEarlyAccessLaunch_Screenshot_3

Wondering if you can trade items with your friends when playing Torchlight 3? Here’s everything you need to know.

Trading with friends seems like a great way to unload unwanted items in Torchlight 3. Or, it would be if it was an option. That’s right: unfortunately, you can’t trade items in Torchlight 3. Even when you’re playing in multiplayer, the loot you pick up is yours and yours alone.

It seems like something of an omission from developer Echtra games. It would make sense if friends could share good pieces of loot they pick up. Whether it’s a feature that gets added into the game in a future update is unclear, but for now, there’s no way to trade.


You can share items between your own characters, however. Visiting your Fort and placing items in your Shared Stash – the big item chest that appears there – will allow you to then use those items as any other character. It’s a good way to store Legendary items, or items that you think another character will benefit from using.

But for sending items to friends or trading with them? Sorry – it’s not an option right now.