Dead by Daylight’s Newest Tome Comes Next Week

Sneak back into the fog next week for more content.

Recently on itss Twitter, Behaviour Interactive tweeted that Dead by Daylight’s Tomb V – Unleashed will release next week.

A new Tome in Dead by Daylight means challenges for players to complete along with more lore, unlockable cosmetics and more. On the game’s Twitch channel, members of the team revealed some of what’s coming in the Tome including lore about The Blight.

As you can see from the image in the Tweet, it is likely that Tome V will feature lore and cosmetics for The Hillbilly, The Blight and Nea. Usually there is a second survivor as well, but if there is this time around, they haven’t been revealed yet.

Tome V doesn’t have an exact release date, but most of Dead by Daylight’s updates land on a Tuesday so it is very likely that players will find the new update available on October 20th. This is just one day before the Halloween Event is set to launch so there’s loads of new content on the way to enjoy.

So put on your spooky faces, log into Dead by Daylight next week and start earning yourself some points and new cosmetics.