Dive Into the World of Online Dating in FMV Game Five Dates

Five Dates

It’s lovely to see a light-hearted FMV title.

FMV games, for whatever reason, more often than not seem to fall into the thriller or mystery genres. The Complex, Her Story, The Bunker – they’re all quite dark and mysterious.

Five Dates, the upcoming title from Wales Interactive and Good Gate Media, takes on a lighter tone. In the game you play as Vinny, a millennial from London who decides to give a dating app a try while he deals with life in lockdown as a result of Covid-19. There are five potentially perfect women that Vinny begins talking to and getting to know during the game.


Like most titles in this genre, players are tasked with making Vinny’s decisions for him. During each date and each interaction he’ll be faced with digital game dates, awkward scenarios and difficult questions to answer.

Five Dates comes at an appropriate time as people all across the world are still being affected by coronavirus. The title, with over seven hours of footage and 10 different outcomes, sends players out on a modern journey of matchmaking. Each of your choices will either strengthen or weaken your relationship with each woman.

In a world that really needs a light-hearted funny story, Five Dates looks like it could be just what we all need. Want to pick up the game? It’s set to release on PC & Mac on November 17th, with a PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch release date coming a bit later.

Check out the trailer below.