DwarfHeim is Now Available on Steam via Early Access

Help your clan succeed and thrive in DwarfHeim.

Merge Games and Pineleaf Studio have recently confirmed that their real-time strategy game DwarfHeim has just launched into Early Access on Steam.

In the game, the player’s role is key to the success of your clan. You’ll need to gather resources, expand your city and defeat incoming trolls that threaten to break in and destroy everything you’ve worked towards. The main goal is to defeat any rival clans so that you may reclaim the ancestral home of the dwarves in your clan’s name.

Players can expect DwarfHeim to be a challenge. There is co-op multiplayer where two teams of three players battle it out head-to-head in a race to destroy the opposing team’s Town Hall. There is also a survival mode, where players must work together with one other person to survive as long as they can.

Sandbox mode gives players peace and quiet to expand their clan in any way that they wish. And Skirmish lets you form your Dwarven clan with two others in order to take on an AI-controlled rival clan. In this mode, there are specific challenges to complete.

DwarfHeim will remain in Early Access until around summer 2021, when a full release is scheduled. During the course of its Early Access development, a story mode will be added to the game, along with new maps and a new character class. Several unannounced features are still to come, too.

But while plenty of new content is to be expected over the game’s development process, even in its current state, DwarfHeim promises a substantial amount of modes. If you fancy jumping into this RTS, it’s available now on Steam for £19.99.

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