2Mable & The Wood

Developed by Andrew Stewart (Triplevision Games)

Mable & The Wood is a gorgeous pixel-art Metroidvania that puts you in control of a young girl – the titular Mable. A tiny wee thing, Mable can’t lift up her sword, so instead attacks enemies by changing form. She can, for instance, turn into a fairy, fly up into the air and call for her sword to fly through the air in her path. It’s a unique twist on a tried and tested formula.

Created by UK-based Andrew Stewart, it’s been a labour of love in his spare time, fitting in development over four years in between a full-time job and his duties as a dad. That’s a feat for anyone, but when the result is as something as charming as Mable & The Wood, one of the best games made by one person, it deserves to be celebrated.

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