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The dark pictures anthology: little hope

How Long Does it Take to Beat Little Hope?

The second game in Supermassive Games’ The Dark Pictures Anthology, Little Hope weaves yet another grim tale.

Playable alone or with friends, if you’re thinking of picking up Little Hope or have already done so, you might be wondering how long it’s likely to take you to beat it. The answer is: probably not very long.

Like Man of Medan before it, Little Hope is a cinematic adventure that you can comfortably beat in one sitting. A linear game, it takes about four hours to complete, with you having to live with your choices and actions.

Completionists, though, will likely get a lot more out of Little Hope. It has multiple endings, so some may play through the game multiple times in order to find them all. And there are many collectibles, too. Add in local and online multiplayer, where players take control of each of the game’s characters, and you have a game that stands up to repeated playthroughs.

So, you’ll probably play Little Hope for about four hours if you’re a one and done kind of player. But those who like to get more out of their games could end up playing it for ten or even 20 hours.

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