How Long Does it Take to Beat Star Wars: Squadrons?

Star Wars Squadrons 3 (1)

If you’ve picked up Star Wars: Squadrons, or are thinking about picking it up, you might be wondering how long it takes to beat it.

Thanks to it having online multiplayer that is huge amounts of fun to play, you could spend tens or even hundreds of hours playing Star Wars: Squadrons. It does also have a single-player campaign, however, and it’s much easier to pin down how much time you’re likely to spend with it.

Featuring missions that have you fighting for both the New Republic and the Empire, Star Wars: Squadron‘s story campaign is likely to take most players around eight hours to complete the first time around. There are optional objectives to be completed within each mission, however, and badges to be earned for mastering them. Along with four difficulty levels, and achievements/trophies tied to them, those wanting to fully complete Star Wars: Squadrons‘ story mode could find themselves playing through it two or more times. Thankfully there’s a lot of dialogue that can be skipped between missions to make subsequent playthroughs shorter.


For those just interesting in blasting through the story of Star Wars: Squadrons, then, it’ll take about 8 hours to complete. Those who want to beat every challenge the game throws at them, engage in online multiplayer, and get all of the achievements or trophies, however, will probably find themselves playing it for 20 hours or more depending on their skill level.