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Watch Dogs: Legion

How Long Does it Take to Beat Watch Dogs Legion?

You know before you go in that Watch Dogs Legion is going to be a big game. But how long will it take you to beat?

The question of how long it’ll take to complete Watch Dogs Legion is quite a difficult one to answer. The game’s open world – and the fact that you can play as any one of hundreds of characters – means most people’s experience with it will be unique. You can, of course, run straight through the game’s story, but it’s almost impossible not to get distracted by a side quest, or spend time simply exploring London.

Running through the game, focusing only on the main story, will see you reach Watch Dogs Legion’s conclusion in approximately 20-25 hours. But we anticipate most people will spend significantly longer than that with the game.

In our first 10 hours with the game, we’d barely touched the story because we were so mesmerised by simply exploring London.

Like all open world games, then, the amount of time you want to eke out of Watch Dogs Legion depends on your play style. Stick with the main story, and you’ll be done in 20 hours or thereabouts. But take your time, explore, complete side quests and various activities, and you’ll easily be looking at upwards of 40 hours.

London is massive, and there’s a heck of a lot to see and do in Watch Dogs Legion‘s streets.

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