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How Many Endings Are There in Amnesia: Rebirth?

Amnesia Rebirth 2 (1)

Amnesia: Rebirth is the latest horror masterpiece from Frictional Games, and depending on the choices you make towards the end of the game there are numerous endings to uncover.

All in all there are three endings in Amnesia: Rebirth, and you can obtain them all in a single playthrough thanks to the game making a save before you have to make a choice that will determine which ending you get. Want to know how to get each ending? Read on. But be warned, there will be spoilers.

Ending 1

The easiest ending simply requires you to place your child back in its crib after following the queen to her. Upon leaving the room, Tasi will be turned into a harvester. But hey, at least your child is safe.

Ending 2

Getting the second ending is a little more involved. When the queen takes you to your child, pick her up and and leave the room with her, grabbing the power source next to the door on the way. You’ll then need to make your way through the area with the queen trying to stop you. If you remember, on your way to the queen there was a portal with a missing power source – head there, put in the power source you picked up and then warp to safety. And that’s it, both you and your child are safe. This is perhaps the best ending.

Ending 3

Ending number three is the most demanding of all the endings. After following the queen to your child, pick her up and keep hold of her. Like for ending number 2, leave the room and grab the power source on the way out. This time though, you’re not just going to try to escape. Instead, you need to make your way around the edge of the room, following the corridors that branch off it to reach numerous pumps that feed Vitae to the queen. For some of these you’ll need the power source to open their protective doors. At each pump, open up your inventory and combine the red substance with the injector before using it on the pump. Upon injecting all three pumps, the queen will be defeated, but you and your baby will also die in the process.

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