How to Change Match Settings in Among Us

Among Us 1

Are you setting up a match in Among Us, but not sure how to change the match settings? Here’s what you need to do.

Among Us is an asymmetrical multiplayer game where you either attempt to unmask an impostor or play as the impostor yourself. There’s a freeplay practice mode but games take place online, which is where match settings come in.

The match settings determine how many impostors there are, how fast players can move, how far the impostor can see, versus the crewmates, and so forth. Here’s how to access those settings:

  • First, you need to be the host, the one who clicked “create game” from the main menu. Settings can only be changed by the match host.
  • When you click create game, you’ll be presented with several options; how many impostors, and so forth.
  • Once you’ve chosen these options, you’ll be dropped into the lobby, in control of a character.
  • You can click on “private” to make the game private or public.
  • But to access other settings you need to walk up to the computer and click on “customise”.
  • This will then give you access to the “game” tab with various editable in-game options, such as player speed and so on. If you’re not the host, you can see the settings but not change them.
  • If you stay on after the match ends, you’ll be able to change these settings again.

And there you go. That’s how to change the match settings in Among Us. Have fun experimenting with different settings, seeing how they affect gameplay, but don’t let the power go to your head.