How To Close Doors in Among Us

Do you get a kick out of playing the impostor in Among Us but aren’t sure how to close doors? Here’s how to go about penning your prey in.

One problem with being the impostor in asymmetrical murder ’em up Among Us is that someone could wander in and witness your murders, making it patently obvious you’re the impostor. Or you could be about to slaughter someone, only to have them wander off before you can sticky your knife in.

Luckily, there’s a way of ensuring your sprees go uninterrupted and your victims don’t escape. You can close the ship or base’s doors, making it impossible for anyone to pass, no matter how hard they bash their brightly-coloured heads against them.


Here’s how to close doors in Among Us. 

  • First, click on the sabotage icon. This only works if you’re the impostor – ordinary crewmates can’t close doors.
  • You’ll see several circular icons. Some of these show a pair of sliding doors.
  • Click on one of the door icons. You can do this from anywhere in the ship.
  • The door you’ve selected will now close and turn dark. It will slowly return to normal, at which point the door will open again.
  • There’s not a door icon for every single room, but you can close all the labelled doors if you want, just by rapidly clicking on all the icons.

And there you have it! Be warned, if you do lock yourself in a room with someone and, when the door opens, you’re standing over their corpse, you’re going to look suspicious to anyone who stops by. We recommend either leaving via a vent or reporting the corpse yourself. The former option is probably safe.

Happy assassinating!