How to Drift in Star Wars: Squadrons

Star Wars Squadrons 3 (1)

Avoiding enemy missiles and getting one over on those on your tail is necessary to survive in Star Wars: Squadrons. Especially on harder difficulties.

One of the ways you can do both is by mastering Star Wars: Squadrons‘ drift mechanic, which allows you to quickly change direction and shoot enemies around you while still keeping forward momentum. But as the game doesn’t explain it very well, you might be wondering how you perform a drift.

To perform a drift in Star Wars: Squadrons, you first need to transfer power to your engine to be able to boost. You do that by pressing left on the d-pad when playing with a controller, or the number 1 key when playing with a keyboard. With power transferred to your engine, a yellow boost bar will begin to fill. A boost can then be activated by pressing in the left analogue stick when playing with a controller, or the space bar when playing with a keyboard. The more the meter the filled, the longer the boost will last.


When boosting, a drift can be initiated by quickly turning your ship and then holding down the boost button to turn off your engine. You’ll find that you’ll still be moving in the direction you were when you initiated the boost, but can briefly rotate your ship to shoot enemies around you. Providing you still have charge in the boost meter, you can initiate another boost, too, allowing you to quickly change direction and evade missiles or other threats.