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Watch Dogs Legion

How to Earn Money/ETO in Watch Dogs Legion

Like the real world, money makes the world go round in Watch Dogs Legion. But how do you earn it? Here’s what you need to know.

Making money in Watch Dogs Legion is very easy. You’ll earn money – or ETO as it’s known in the game – for a wide range of tasks you undertake. Often, you’ll rack it up without even noticing.

Completing missions within the game will always reward you a lump sum of ETO when you finish. The amount of ETO you get each time will vary depending on the mission.

Side quests and time-wasters will also earn you ETO, like completing deliveries, playing kick up (which you do by finding a football in a park), or playing a game of darts.

You’ll also earn money in Watch Dogs Legion for completing random events. You’ll often net a small ETO boost for stealthily taking out an enemy, for example. And you can hack things like fruit machines to eke a bit of ETO out of them. Just be careful, because too much hacking activity will alert the police.

Depending on who you’re playing as, some recruits have hacking boosts that mean they get extra ETO. So the character you’re playing as may also influence how much money you get in Watch Dogs Legion.

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