How to Fast Travel in Ben 10: Power Trip

Ben 10: Power Trip

Ben 10: Power Trip has a fairly big world, so sometimes you might want to fast travel to get from A to B. How do you do it?

Getting around in Ben 10: Power Trip can take some time. Ben’s got a scooter – you can use it by pressing R2/RT – which makes zipping around the world quite a lot quicker. But it can still be rather laborious to get from one side of the map to another. Thankfully, you can fast travel.

Ben 10: Power Trip’s fast travel is fairly limited, but it allows you to quickly move between the main areas of the map in no time at all. Each main point of interest will unlock a fast travel point, but only when you’ve visited it. That means, at least once, you’re going to have to travel to each area on foot. Sorry!


Once you’ve unlocked a fast travel point, Ben’s Grandpa and his camper van – known as the Rust Bucket – will appear on the map. Simply approach Grandpa and talk to him, and he’ll ask where you want to travel to. You’ll then be able to select a destination from a map.

You can’t fast travel if you’re currently in a mission, though; it’s only available when you’re freely roaming the world. We’d advise making use of Ben’s scooter or XLR8’s super-speedy run the rest of the time.